Freedom Tour

Purpose: To raise funds and increase public awareness for Sentinels of Freedom programs in order to support wounded veterans in the local community. “Beyond the yellow ribbon.” Method: Conduct a robust fundraising campaign leveraging corporate sponsors, personal donors and volunteer bicycle riders prior to conducting a 544 mile race from San Francisco to Camp Pendleton. Volunteers from […]


First Time Couchsurfing (no dying, Taken stories, or other bad experiences included) Surrounded by three new friends, I desperately tried to convert to a beer drinker, delicately sipping my Pilsner while trying not to grimace at the several inches of foam. As their glasses emptied and refilled, the Czech waitress stared at my near-full glass as our […]

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Colombia (and don’t you dare be scared!) After speeding through thirteen countries this summer, I was finally trying to be reasonable. Stop planning trips, Aly–you need to focus on college! So with a heavy sigh, I put a hold on obsessively searching flights and turned to getting excited (and packed) for college. But like most of my […]

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Like most Latin American countries, Colombia is still developing, and therefore our staff continuously monitors local news and governmental advisories, in order to keep up-to-date with local security situations to better ensure the safety and comfort of our clients. We will modify itineraries at no extra cost should the need arise due to safety concerns, however, this has never happened and is extremely unlikely to occur.

Colombia, as most countries have its share of petty theft. Consequently, regular safety precautions that any tourist would take while travelling should be exercised. For tips on keeping yourself and belongings safe please visit this helpful link.

Members of our staff will do their best in assisting customers in keeping their belongings safe and secure, however, all personal items are ultimately the responsibility of their owner.

We wish you a happy and safe trip! Also, check this link