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Colombia World is a leader specializing in travel and adventure trips across Colombia. No other company offers such a breadth and variety of all-inclusive offerings across Colombia. Also, we proudly limit our tours to no more than 10 tourists per group, accompanied by 2-3 staff, to ensure that everyone gets that personal touch. Our organizational model also helps us to limit our impact on the environment, in order to make sure that our “off-the-beaten-path” destinations remain natural and pristine for future generations.

All staff and service providers, such as local transport/hotel operators and activity guides, have been selected based on their positive track record of customer satisfaction and superior quality of service. Our staff is committed to providing tourists with the utmost level of quality in touristic and educational services.

We at Colombia World are also committed to the human mandate of driving our world back towards global sustainability, and we do this through education, donation, and supporting local projects. With the help of our guests we can all participate towards bringing our culture back towards being sustainable, while recharging our batteries and having a fantastic time!

We’re confident that we’ll provide you with the most unique adventure tour you will ever experience!