Colombia (and don’t you dare be scared!)

After speeding through thirteen countries this summer, I was finally trying to be reasonable. Stop planning trips, Aly–you need to focus on college! So with a heavy sigh, I put a hold on obsessively searching flights and turned to getting excited (and packed) for college.

But like most of my plans, things went awry when after just one airfare check, I saw them: $225 round trip tickets to Bogotá! There are a lot of things I can resist, but airfare steals are not one of them. So, it’s settled: Colombia in December.

Ever since another traveler raved to me about Colombia, I’ve wanted to see its Caribbean coast, stroll through the colonial architecture of Cartagena, hike up to Monserrate and explore la Ciudad Perdida (the Lost City). Unlike my trip this summer, I am going with the intention of truly improving my Spanish, and how wonderful to do so in Colombia!

But is it safe? Isn’t it scary? I know that’s the question my friends and family worry about, and yes, as a solo woman, I do have to be cautious and on guard…just like I have to in Dallas, in Western Europe, and even Canada, places typically deemed unequivocally “safe.” As always, caution has a place: fear does not.

Yes, I will get travel insurance and make a list of information for embassies and hostels. Yes, I will have my first few nights booked and let the US government (and parents!) know my whereabouts. No, I will not let misinformed, irrational fear keep me from enjoying my trip as I did in Tijuana (story to come).

As I shift back to college packing, I want to close with a few thoughts on the future of this blog. Recognizing my infrequent posts, I had thought about just giving it up as I transition to college, but this new Colombia trip has strengthened my reasons not to do so. As a young, solo, college kid, I have to search and search for the information I want on traveling to Colombia, and it’s annoying! This blog is basically me putting out the information  wanted to read, and if it helps just one other person book a trip, then it has done its job! There won’t be daily posts, but there will be more to come!