Freedom Tour

To raise funds and increase public awareness for Sentinels of Freedom programs in order to support wounded veterans in the local community. “Beyond the yellow ribbon.”

Conduct a robust fundraising campaign leveraging corporate sponsors, personal donors and volunteer bicycle riders prior to conducting a 544 mile race from San Francisco to Camp Pendleton. Volunteers from our overnight locations will be asked to provide food and lodging during the course of the ride.

Increased public awareness, permanent corporate sponsors, fundraising goals attained, and the safe conduct of the race without incident.

The California Tour is 100% owned by veterans of the United States armed services. It has been created specifically for the purpose of raising money for severely wounded veterans through the Sentinels of Freedom. The California Tour is not directly affiliated with the United States Government or any armed services branch thereof. Neither the Department of Defense nor any armed forces branch has approved, endorsed, or authorized this web site